The Cloyster Challenge

When I’m really bored and I have nothing else to do, sometimes I play a little game I like to call The Cloyster Challenge, often sharing the most ridiculous replays with people via IRC.  Here’s the way you do it:

  1. Create a team with Focus Sash Cloyster.  Other than the sash, the set is a standard Shell Smash set with Icicle Spear, Rock Blast, and Razor Shell.
  2. Choose 5 other Pokemon that are commonly used to lead.  Pokemon like Smeargle are the best, since it’s extremely rare NOT using it as a lead.  This is so that the opponent doesn’t know what you’ll lead with and spoil the challenge via predictability.
  3. Give them all a random move and ability.  It doesn’t matter because you won’t actually be using them.
  4. Find a battle.  Just as a warning, do this on a new account – your win/loss will be nowhere near satisfactory unless everyone you play is drunk.  Also, this really only works against new players.
  5. Lead with Cloyster, set up Shell Smash, and sweep like your life depends on it.  If your opponent beats Cloyster or somehow forces it out, you must forfeit the match.
  6. See how many people you can beat with only a Focus Sash Cloyster!  The numbers may surprise you.

You may be thinking, “Cyclic, is this really what you do with your life when you’re bored?”  The answer is yes, because it requires minimal thinking and usually when I’m bored, I’m too tired to think of anything more creative.  Surprisingly, I have gotten a win-to-loss ratio greater than 1 after about 20 battles – how’s that for ladder quality?

Feel free to share any funny replays with me!  I’ve had numerous people call this strategy “cheap” because they built teams without any method of checking Cloyster.


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