About this site

The competitive Pokemon battling scene is really just that: competitive.  By definition, the metagame is about winning with the most promising strategies.  However, there’s undeniably a “fun” aspect to it – it’s what personally keeps me laddering with successful teams, gimmicky teams, and stupidly laughable teams alike.  This blog is basically a place for me to ramble about the more fun and interesting aspects of competitive Pokemon gameplay.

About myself

I go by CyclicCompound on smogon.com, and that’s where I spend the vast majority of my time as a contributor.  There, I’m a member of the OU Quality Control Team, and a mentor for the OU, RU, and C&C areas of the site.  Although my primary tiers are OU and RU, I’ve dabbled in Balanced Hackmons, Hackmons, Ubers, and Randbats.


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